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transforming energy production

Delivering Net Zero

Seamach Energy is a UK based engineering firm specialising in renewable energy, with extensive expertise in high energy electro-mechanical and multiphysics design, including nuclear fusion.  Our cross-sector engineering experience of many industries has fostered a broad perspective on the science of producing clean energy, sustainability, decarbonisation, energy resilience and our responsibilities to society as a whole. 


Our approach in working toward Net Zero is holistic, recognising that there is no single solution to the world’s energy, climate, environmental and humanity’s needs. 


Nature provides our greatest inspiration and holds us to account by reflecting the effects of human intervention over many thousands of years as well as post industrial revolution.  Humanity has proven to be adept at exploiting many natural resources – often to the detriment of fellow societies, the environment and nature. 


Seamach Energy is striving to sustainably harness natural resources to benefit all of society.  Our cross-cutting work, systemic, integrated and whole-of-life approach covers: 


Wind Energy                  Wave Energy                  Tidal Energy                  Floating Structures                  Fusion Energy 


technology: onshore and urban turbines

Innovation in wind

Our purpose is to enable wind (onshore and offshore floating) to become more resilient, economical and productive. 


A clean sheet assessment enabled us to design and patent next generation wind turbine technologies targeting horizon scale systems in the range 30 to 50MW with significantly reduced blade sizes compared to traditional HAWT turbines. Modular electrical generators drastically improve system resilience and reliability of energy supply.

Having scoped horizon and utility scale systems, we recognise the need to start small, learn quickly and to progressively scale-up.  Co-generation with solar farms will smooth power delivery to the grid and raise net production from land assets. 


PwC – one of ‘five to watch’ in Future-50 report 


technology: 50MW wind turbine

Seamach Energy’s floating turbine delivers step changes in turbine output and efficiency, particularly at whole farm scale.     ​

Our floating platform architecture opens up opportunities to co-locate other forms of renewable energy production - such as solar, wave, green hydrogen. 


Compared to a 1GW bottom fixed wind farm using 10MW traditional style wind turbines, our design has the potential to generate 35% more energy per year, require five times fewer installations and produce a lower LCOE.  Core performance metrics have been independently investigated and verified. 

team: engineering a global future


We are pleased to welcome John, Charles and Richard to our management and advisory team.  They are world class individuals who bring a broad range of international experience to the firm.

​Our strategy focuses on the development of floating offshore wind and hybrid opportunities. UK, USA, Chinese and European patents have been granted; additional international filings have been made, and an extensive IP pipeline is now underway.  We have an ambitious enterprise roadmap in keeping with our aim to become a leading force in renewable energy.

We look forward to engaging with like-minded individuals and organisations who, like us, want to make a serious contribution to the challenges posed by global warming, energy poverty, and the need to achieve Net Zero.


Glenn Hunt-Whitfield

CEO & Co-Founder

Inventor of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Degree in Mechanical &

Production Engineering

Charles Hendry CBE


Ex Chairman of Forewind

Ex Minister of State for Energy & Climate Change

Pierson Hunt-Whitfield

CTO & Co-Founder

Technology & 

value proposition Lead

Degrees in Mechanical Engineering & Naval Architecture

Richard Fleck CBE


Lawyer – Herbert Smith Freehills

Financial Reporting Council

Chair Financial Reporting Review Panel

John Parnell


Co-Founder Head London Pioneer in digital design

MA Degree in History

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Seamach Ltd

Unit 10, The Bluestone Centre

Sunrise Way, Amesbury

Wiltshire, UK


+44 (0)1980 623 925

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