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50MW wind turbine

Seamach Energy is a multi-skilled engineering firm applying holistic solutions to renewable energy.

The market for renewable energy is set to grow exponentially. By 2030 The World Bank forecasts $500 billion will be invested in offshore wind energy alone. The IEA forecasts offshore wind energy will amount to a $1 trillion industry by 2040.

Against this backdrop, we are developing an innovative an innovative wind turbine with a rated power of 50MW from only 50m blades.


A patented groundbreaking solution that massively increases power generating capacity per single installation compared to any equivalent system.

nuclear fusion

We have been actively engaged in the nuclear fusion industry for 30 years. 


This has enabled us to apply extensive cross-field and multi-physics engineering experiences across all of our renewable energy projects.


Major nuclear fusion projects and clients include;

  • JET – The Joint European Torus 

  • MAST-1 – Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak – The UK Atomic Energy Authority

  • MAST-Upgrade

  • Tokamak Energy -  a leading private Fusion Energy company



Seamach’s "SE-50" will be the world’s first 50MW wind turbine - capable of deployment on land or at sea.

From wind alone, the SE-50 generates 4 times more power than today's most advanced wind turbines.  This is achieved using a patented vertical axis wind turbine design with an innovative duct fairing.

The potential integration of Green Hydrogen or added marine power systems further increases the value of an installation and demonstrates the versatility of Seamach's IP.

team: engineering a global future


We are currently developing our core team and have established a world class advisory board to support the growth of our business.


Our strategy focuses on the development of the floating offshore SE-50. Prototypes have been successfully tested, results independently verified: UK and European patents have been granted; additional international filings have been made, and an extensive IP pipeline is now underway.


We have an ambitious enterprise roadmap in keeping with our aim to become a leading force in renewable energy. We look forward to engaging with like-minded individuals and organisations who, like us, want to make a serious contribution to the challenges posed by global warming and energy poverty. 


 Glenn Hunt-Whitfield

CEO & Inventor of SE-50

Degree in Mechanical &

Production Engineering

Charles Hendry CBE


Ex Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change

Pierson Hunt-Whitfield

CTO & Founder

Degrees in Mechanical Engineering &

Naval Architecture

Richard Fleck CBE


Lawyer – Top 500

Chairman Financial Conduct Committee

John Parnell


MA Degree in History

Co-Founder Head London &

Pioneer of digital design

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